Its not often that I find an issue which is actually being caused by a package I have installed on my server. Usually its down to my coding (normally just a typo of course. . .). However, whilst coding on a project the other day I came across a strange error I was receiving back from my Guzzle 6 request to an API I use. The API is on a sister project and I have other ways of testing that so I know that was working fine. Which made me scratch my head for a while.

It wasn't until I looked at the exception being thrown that I got a clue what was going on. The exception was coming from cURL and said [curl] 56: Problem (2) in the Chunked-Encoded data [url] - which I had never seen before. It also seemed Google had never really seen it before either. Except a couple of StackOverflow posts which didnt explain much except point me in the direction of this post by Guzzles creator Michael Dowling. However, his post didn't actually solve my issue either.

What did solve my issue was a little post by Emin Mastizada. Which suggested it was a bug in cURL itself (v7.35) and that if I upgrade to 7.36 it would fix the issue. So I did, and it did - so thanks Emin, who ever and where ever you are. So I'm mainly writing this just to spread the worl a little more. If you have this issue, there are now more places for you to potentially find the answer to you [curl] 56: Problem (2) in the Chunked-Encoded data [url] exception issue in cURL.